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ESG@BLG: Shaping the future together

We are committed to using our knowledge, skills, resources and platform to help address vital social issues and to shape a sustainable future. This environmental, social and governance (ESG) commitment is not only important to our clients, employees, partners and communities, it is the only way can live our core values and achieve our firm vision. As we learn more about ESG risks and opportunities and take action to improve our ESG performance, we are shaping a brighter future for people and the planet.

ESG milestones at BLG

ESG@BLG timeline

ESG@BLG timeline

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We recognize that organizations have a role to play as stewards of sustainability.

  • We are committed to auditing our activities, planning for a net-zero future and taking measurable steps to improve our environmental performance.
  • We are developing a sustainable supply chain and implementing environmentally responsible purchasing practices.
  • We are creating firm-wide green initiatives to ensure our efforts contribute to the UN’s sustainable development goals.

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We are committed to empowering our people, improving access to justice and contributing to our communities.

  • We work to eliminate barriers and support inclusion so our people can bring their best selves to work every day.
  • We establish programs and resources to support the wellbeing of our people and promote lifelong learning.
  • We contribute to our communities through strong partnerships, a firm-wide culture of volunteerism, funding and donation programs, and our firm-supported national and regional pro bono programs.

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At BLG, we conduct business in a transparent, accountable and secure manner.

  • We ensure our ESG-related policies are effectively integrated with our corporate governance and decision-making.
  • We champion ethics and integrity, embedding these values in our policies and Code of Ethics and requiring all firm members to certify that they comply with them every year.
  • We have a diversity and inclusion policy and targets for gender representation on our board.

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We help our clients with ESG, too


BLG was one of the first law firms in Canada to put ESG on the client agenda. Today, with ESG-related regulations on the horizon and a marked increase in disputes over false representation, clients rely on our ESG expertise in sustainable finance, corporate governance, climate change, human resources, Indigenous law, litigation, tax and more to ensure their future success.


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